Former NFL Player and RHOA Star Charles Grant Arrested For Writing Bad Checks

A former NFL player writing bad checks? Why doesn’t this surprise me? has the details:

Charles Grant, the 33-year-old former N.O. Saints and Chicago Bears player who appeared as newcomer Marlo’s man on Sunday night’s episode of RHOA, was arrested last week in Colquitt, GA on felony charges of writing bad checks.  And seeing that these ARE felony charges, the checks were likely for a serious amount of cash.

My question isn’t about why was he writing bad checks. My question is, what was he doing in Colquitt, GA?

I’m from Georgia and Colquitt is a VERY small town way down in south Georgia. The city has a population of 1,839 people and is the home of “Swamp Gravy” and the National Mayhaw Festival.

He’s going to have to explain that, but I digress.

Don’t know what’s going on Grant financially but you can’t go around writing bad checks all willy nilly. If he was still on good terms with his rumor ex-boo thang  NeNe Leakes, maybe she could break him off with a few dollars since she’s “rich” now.

If you saw last Sunday’s episode of the “Real Hosuewives of Atlanta” you would have saw that Charles and NeNe are not even on speaking terms. Maybe his current boo, Marlo Hampton, can help him out.

Or if he make enough appearances on RHOA the producers might write him a few checks.

3 thoughts on “Former NFL Player and RHOA Star Charles Grant Arrested For Writing Bad Checks

  • Charles is from Colquitt, GA so that explains why he was there. The southwest GA area hasn’t been too friendly to him lately. Remember when he got in that trouble at that hole in the wall club in nearby Blakely, GA.

  • The check was for $500…I guess that is a serious amount of cash to some.

    My guess, is that Marlo may have had something to do with it as this has been her MO and she has been arrested several times for it. Marlo doesn’t have any money, but she is always looking for her next comeup.

    Let’s bring the focus back to why a man with a 4.5Mil contract is writing a bad check for $500.

    s/n The author should have done a little more homework before writing this article.

  • What a retarded reporter! You don’t even check to see where Charles Grant is from. Idiot!! The other point I would like to make is Charles Grant has been in trouble with the law in the past and that will be the case for his future. Once a trouble maker always a trouble maker. Merry Christmas!

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