Kobe Bryant Living At Pelican Hill Resort In Newport Coast Down the Street From His Mansion

According to Starz Uncut, Bean is living down the street from his mansion at a Resort.

Of course it isn’t a normal resort, it has butlers, golf course, maids, nannys and all that Mr. Drummond stuff.

There is one part of the story that is pretty funny if true, check it out.

Kobe Bryant has been staying at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast, Ca. To be exact he is posted up in the South Villas, thats where I saw his brand new 2012 Lamborghini LP700 Aventador parked out front.

Kobe was in the garage doing his own laundry at the time, yes I said doing his own laundry.

Kobe doing his own laundry?

I find that hard to believe, but not impossible. Nice ride.