Pilar Sanders 2012 Photoshoot Video

Pilar Sanders who has held the crown of the #1 Athlete Wife for the last two years is trying to shut down the 2012 discussion even before it starts.

Here is an exclusive video from her 2012 Photoshoot.

I am not sure what the shoot if for, but it doesn’t really matter does it?

This should motivate a few ladies to hit the gym hard in 2012.

4 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders 2012 Photoshoot Video

  • Holding down #1 spot for sure.

  • True dimepiece.

  • Couple of things I don’t understand here. First, if he is divorcing her why is he allowing her to still live in the house? Second, if she claims to be a Christian (and I have not issue with that, so AMEN!) why is she playing a raunchy/vulgar song by DRAKE with her photo-shoot video? I think Deon’s daughter has some valid points about Ms. Pilar. Hey, if she is trying to get back out into the model/video game then fine, but don’t straddle the fence and be ABC (a Christian) one minute and do 123 (B-bopping Video vixen/model) the next. Just my 2 cents….!!

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