Shaq’s Attempts to Dismiss Lawsuit From Side Piece Vanessa Lopez Denied

If  you are Shaq you have to look at the bright side.

No matter how many lawsuits, emails, text messages, stalking, sleeping with NBA players Fiancée and police corruption allegations that are brought against him everyone just laughs and says.

“That’s just Shaq.”

They do the same with Charles Barkley, short of murder as long as he keeps making people laugh people will dismiss all of this stuff.  Vanessa Lopez was the first of the Shaq jumpoffs to try to get paid and her lawsuit is still ongoing.

She is represented by Gloria Allred which in my mind makes her claims a bit suspect even with Shaq’s history.  Shaq tried to get the lawsuit dismissed, but that isn’t happening.

Shaquille suffered another legal setback in a lawsuit that was filed against the NBA star by his alleged former mistress, Vanessa Lopez, is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported, Lopez filed the lawsuit against O’Neal for assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and other claims.

Lopez says Shaq started harassing her shortly after she told him she thought she was pregnant. Shaq initially accused her of sleeping with someone else, then when she broke off their relationship, she claims the threats began.

Shaq tried to get the lawsuit dismissed, but was denied. The court docs obtained exclusively by state, “Defendant’s motion to dismiss count 1 for assault is denied, defendant’s motion to dismiss count II for intentional infliction of emotional distress is denied.”

In the suit, Lopez claims a number of scary incidents including a threatening text that Shaq allegedly sent to a friend of his saying, “dis is da numba shut dat [beyotch] up!”

Lopez says the friend responded with a text saying, “consider it done famo.” The friend then jumped on a plane to Orlando, Florida, and allegedly texted Lopez before calling her on her cell, sounding “menacing and sinister.”

Shaq should be sued just for butchering the English language but I digress.