Stephen Jackson Says BBWives Should be Called Women That Slept With Guys In NBA


There are many people who wish David Stern could veto the Basketball Wives (I am not one by the way), but the show is still going strong.  Many of the Baby Daddies of the Basketball Wives don’t like the show to the point they have tried to block their ladies from being on it.

But not current Milwaukee Bucks Stephen Jackson.  His ex Imani Showalter is on the show and he had some interesting comments about how he feels about her being on the show.

On how he feels about the show
Well, I have two kids by a woman that’s on the show and I really don’t have a problem with it. If she can benefit from it and not put my kids to look bad in any light then I don’t have a problem with it. It’s not affecting me at all. They can on there and say what they want; it’s not going to affect me. At the end of the day, we weren’t really married so she’s not really a housewife.

On Imani not dating since they broke up
That’s weird ain’t it? I’m married; it’s been a long time. I don’t won’t no props for that. Move on with your life. I’m married and I’m fine; don’t worry about me and do your thing. I don’t want you.

On if the title of the show is misleading
It should be “Women That Slept With Guys In The NBA.” What’s the girl’s name? Deadra? Deja? [Draya] should be the star if that’s the case because half of them wasn’t married. I thought if you look up the definition of ‘housewife’ it says you’re married, you don’t work and you live at home.

Here is the video of the full interview.  Funny he called Draya, Deja.


  1. I’m down for anyone who is on their grind in a positive way. No one can speak to these women’s past, but they are making it happen for themselves now. Further more, they had nothing to do with the name of the show, they are taking advantage of opportunities to feed their families! And parents should be motoring what their children are watching regardless. From Barney to Basketball Wives…you decide! For exclusive interviews with more of the Basketball Wives Cast check out

  2. I guess being “on your grind” includes taking dick for dollars, huh…..unbelievable….instead of getting an “allowance” from a guy u THOUGHT was your man but really wasn’t and he left you bitter, try getting an education then a job…processing sperm & producing a baby is NOT a skill. I honestly have NO IDEA why my wife watches this bullshit of a show every week without fail…..Basketball “Wives”—somebody needs to get a Webster…..

  3. To be honest, I have not stopped by here for some time since I felt like it was getting a bit bland, but the last several posts are great so I reckon I’ll factor you back in to my daily bloglist.

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