Cardinals DE Darnell Dockett Shows Off Barrett Military Style Assault Rifle (Photos)


If you recall Dockett once had a Twitter meltdown after he almost took one of his guns to work (Darnell Dockett Almost Brings Gun to Cardinals’ Practice, Tweets To Let Us Know).

To my understand Dockett has his license, so he is withing his legal rights to own these firearms, but would it be safe to say that Dockett is trying to make up for something he is lacking by having such a big gun?

Dockett claims that T.I. couldn’t even get these guns.

T.I. could have gotten the guns if he wasn’t a multiple felon, you can actually purchase this same weapon online. It is really for people who want to look cool with guns, but don’t really plan on using them.

I bet Dockett has a Ferrari too.


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