Jay Cutler Let it Be Known He Didn’t Want Mike Martz to be Back

When Lovie Smith hired Mike Martz two years ago, it was clearly his choice at the end of a month-long process in which Jerry Angelo suggested other candidates.

A source described it as essentially an “anyone but” situation for the general manager, but authority over the coaching staff belongs to the head coach and Smith got his man after the Bears reached out to a variety of candidates at the NFL and NCAA level.

With Martz let go Monday, Smith starts the process again, this time without the ousted Angelo in the mix.

It’s well known Jay Cutler had to be cajoled into the idea of working with Martz in the first place. So it’s not surprising the quarterback went to Halas Hall on Tuesday and let Smith know he was in favor of moving on without Martz before the coaches had met.

Source Chicago Tribune