Jermaine Dupri is Now a NBA Insider..Says Dwight Howard to Nets is Done Deal

Without question someone like myself benefits from the world of Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.

It allows you to get out information quickly to a large amount of people.  I try though to be very careful in letting people know that some things I know are factual and while other things are strictly opinion.

The reason is because of these social medium everyone thinks they are an insider now.  That includes music moguls who claim to have secret information on NBA trades.  Case in point Jermaine Dupri.

You can have your Wojnarowski, your Broussard, your Aldridge. We’ve got early-2000s hip hop producer and frequent Mariah Carey and Usher collaborator Jermaine Dupri, thank you.

Tweets @Mr_Dupri, “Breaking: Dwight Howard to the Nets will be finalized in the next 48 Hrs.” Keep in mind, this was 14 hours ago. So, you know, we’re waiting.

What a lot of journalists and regular people do is just throw things up against the wall and hope it sticks, if it doesn’t then they act like they never said and if it does then they act like Skip Bayless.

No one knows anything.

Dwight Howard has been traded within 48 hours ten times in the last month, that is a lot of hours.

Until David Stern gives the nod nothing is set in stone so don’t get your hopes up.

One thing I do know…………………

DWIGHT GONE!!!!!!!!!!