Lebron James Sees Similarities With Him and Tim Tebow

Two totally different situations, backgrounds and players.

But I do see a common denominator and I am not talking about Skip Bayless. The media attention both positive and negative can be overwhelming at times.

Tebow handles it a lot better than Lebron, but Lebron is getting a bit better at it. Here is what The King had to say.

The Miami Heat forward sees similarities when it comes to him and Tebow, especially when it comes to dealing with those who doubt him.

“I love to see what a guy can do when his back is up against the wall and everybody counts him out,” James said Friday, according to ESPN.com. “I’m in that same boat sometimes.”

James also spoke about he and Tebow have to deal with constant criticism from the media and he admires Tebow’s constant positive effort.

“I can relate to him a lot. I see how the media plays it sometimes and how the critics go at him,” James said. “To see him prove them wrong … he continues to stay positive and move forward. You respect that.”

The best way to attack a critic is by proving them wrong on the field.

Lebron will never be able to shut up his critics until he wins a title and even then they will find some faults because that is the business.

As for Tebow he needs to show he can be a consistent quarterback for an entire season before he can be crowned The King of anything.

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