Rodney Harrison Says Asante Samuels Was Supposed to be Covering David Tyree

I knew it was just a matter of time before Rodney Harrison passed the blame of the helmet catch onto someone else.

While he tried to word it nicely in this video from ProFootballTalk, he is clearly driving the big yellow school bus and trying to throw Samuels under it.

Appearing with Russ Thaler and yours truly last night on NBC SportsTalk, Rodney explained that the man who somehow caught the ball of his helmet actually was supposed to be covered by cornerback Asante Samuel.

Rodney was careful to say he wasn’t throwing Samuel, who is more well known for dropping an interception during that same fateful drive, under the bus.  Rodney was just explaining what happened on the play.

Here is why Rodney’s exclamation doesn’t hold water.

While originally Samuels might have been assigned to Tyree, once Master Eli pulled his Houdini act in the pocket, all hell broke loose.

At that point Harrison was responsible for what was happening in front of him.

He was in perfect position, but blew the play.

Now, if he wants to get on Samuel from dropping the INT that would have won the game, that is another story.

2 thoughts on “Rodney Harrison Says Asante Samuels Was Supposed to be Covering David Tyree

  • LOL…wow 4 years later…why am I not surprised….

  • Rodney Harrison is solely responsible for costing the Patriots the Superbowl and perfect season.


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