Snoop Dogg Gives Advice to Terrell Owens, Says NFL Has “Gay” Ways (Video)

I am trying to take Snoop Dogg seriously, but that hat makes it really difficult.

He does make some strong points about Terrell Owens and the NFL going soft, unfortunately nothing is going to change though.

A lot of T.O.’s problems are his own doing. Snoop could have used a little better terminology than saying the NFL has “gay” ways, but I get what he is saying.

Take a listen.

3 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Gives Advice to Terrell Owens, Says NFL Has “Gay” Ways (Video)

  • A few things here:

    Snoop might catch some flack from gay right groups for putting a negative connotation on the word “gay.” I guess he forgot about all the heat his boy Kobe took last year.

    The NFL ain’t got a problem with a player who dances in the endzone after he scores (there’s no penalty for solo dancing). Most of T.O.’s issues stem from him being a bad teammate (ask Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb). Plus dude is closing in on 40 yrs old, so no NFL organizations believe he’s worth the trouble at this point.

    Snoop analyzes sports (and everything else) like a shiftless, barely educated teenager. Guess that’s part of his act/persona, but he should probably stick to what he knows best: rhymin and smokin.

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