Team Snooki Boxing Has a Successful Event in Atlantic City

“Thank you, enjoy the fights!” were the only words the crowd heard from Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi throughout the whole night. The weights listed on the official bout sheet did not match up with the weight classes the fighters were listed as fighting in. It was apparent that Team Snooki has some wrinkles to work out before they put on their next event, but the action in the ring however, did not disappoint.

Team Snooki Boxing brought a solid card to Resorts in Atlantic City featuring the Hyland brothers from Ireland. Eddie Hyland, the former super featherweight Irish champion, was the first brother to fight in the welterweight division. He came in looking a little soft in the middle, and was rocked in the middle of the first round. Franklin Gonzalez upset the first of the Hyland brothers, with a close decision victory.

Paul Hyland was able to perform much better than his brother, as he battered Arturo Santiago around the ring with quick combinations and effective use of his shoulder roll defense. He also looked to be in much better shape. Afterwards Paul Hyland said, “It was a great fight for me, and I’m looking forward to the next one with no worries.”

Co-feature of the night featured heavyweight Derric Rossy from New York who came out to classic blues, a nice change from the constant hip hop and metal that every other fighter came out to. He stunned Castillo a few times, but overall the fight was slow.

The last brother to fight was the brother with the best record. Undefeated Patrick Hyland fought a tougher than expected Emmanuel Lucero. Lucero looked confident, and banged at the body of Hyland repeatedly, but Hyland’s harder and crisper punches proved to be the difference as he coasted to victory.

Source: Boxing Insider

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  • Was an awesome event! I’m the one all the way to the left =)

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