Two 49ers Fans Shot by Saints Fan at Applebees

I would like to say I am surprised by this but I am not.

I have seen first hand otherwise normal people lose their mind over their sports teams. As I have told you many times Fan is short for Fanatic.

It is amazing that someone would bust shots in an Applebees over a game, but it happens more often than you think.

According to Fox Sports, two Georgia men were shot– one critically injured– following an argument at an Applebee’s in Duluth, Georgia yesterday afternoon during the San Francisco 49ers-New Orleans Saints game.

The two men were reportedly cheering for the 49ers inside the establishment, and another local man took exception to this, firing at the two men in the establishment’s parking lot. Donald Ray Ayro, 31, was being held without bond according to local police reports.

Chris Middleton, 30, is in critical condition at Gwinnett Medical Center and Corey Adams, 30, was shot but is in stable condition.

Hopefully both men pull through and Mr. Ayro spends the rest of his life in jail.

It isn’t that serious, it is just sports.

One thought on “Two 49ers Fans Shot by Saints Fan at Applebees

  • As the mother of one of the victims who was shot senselessly, I am overjoyed to say that it was a year ago today, that I was watching my son fight for his life………and today 2013 he is doing well!!


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