Urban Meyer Bans Ohio State Players From Twitter

I have no problems saying I do not like Urban Meyer.

As an alum of The Ohio State University, I understand why he was hired and from a coaching standpoint I have no qualms, but he just rubs me the wrong way as a person.

The term that comes to mind is Sleazy.

He has banned OSU players from Twitter in a feeble attempt to try to flex his muscles over the program. At Florida he couldn’t stop his players from getting arrested so I think he has bigger issues than social media.

I expect OSU to be in National Championship contention within three years if not look for Meyer to be planning his escape.

I miss the Sweatervest.

One thought on “Urban Meyer Bans Ohio State Players From Twitter

  • Having recieved a full athletic scholarship from Coach Tress I completely agree. Urban and his offensive mind excites the hell out of me in a conference that we normally dominate but things like twitter bans disturb me. If I was currently on the roster it would rub me the wrong way from the jump. I love my school. Wish we could have Tress back.

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