Peyton Manning’s HS Yearbook Quote: “Watch Out World Eli is the Best One”


Peyton Manning seems like an awesome brother.

I have seen situations with siblings, when one is doing a little better than the other, there is some jealousy and resentment.   I am pretty good at reading people and I sense none of that from Peyton.

He seems generally thrilled that his little brother is succeeding.

It is almost like he understands what Eli has gone through being “Peyton’s Little Brother”.

Even back in High School it seemed that Manning either knew Eli was the “Master” or he wanted to make sure that Eli knew he saw him as an equal or better.

Peyton says.

“Thanks to the best Lil Brother Eli (Watch World He is The Best One)“.

Peyton isn’t just a great football player, but great brother and a prophet it appears.


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