Anonymous Jets Players, Still Talking About How They Don’t Want Tim Tebow


At least Antonio Cromartie who goes back and forth with his various comments says them on the record.  There is nothing worse than anonymous quotes.

I understand from a journalist perspective you have to report them, but the person who are giving them are soft.  Especially about your own teammates.  If you have something to say, do it with your chest, not behind closed doors.

Several current Jets, who spoke with The Post on Saturday, asked not to be quoted but expressed disbelief at the team bringing in Tebow.

The idea of a backup quarterback having a press conference is something they can’t wrap their heads around, and they know it’s just the beginning.

There is nothing wrong with saying that you don’t believe a backup quarterback should get a press conference. There is nothing wrong with saying a quarterback with an 8-6 record should have helicopters following him and billboards put up over the city.

If you aren’t willing to put your name on it, don’t say it at all.