DeSean Jackson Guarantees Super Bowl for Eagles, Shooting for the Hall of Fame



I don’t have a problem with him saying he wants to be in the Hall of Fame.

When it comes to individual accomplishments you want to shoot for the stars, but he can’t guarantee a Super Bowl. One of the problems with the Eagles last year was that they were caught up in the “DREAM TEAM” hype. They have been flying under the radar so far, don’t put an unnecessary bullseye on your back.

“I’m just happy to still be here,” said wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who signed a five-year deal worth up to $51 million on Thursday. “I’m going to guarantee a Super Bowl. We’ve been so close since I’ve been here the past four years. …The sky’s the limit.”

“Hands down I think we’re one of the best teams in the NFL. I want to shoot for the Hall of Fame. I want to shoot for Super Bowls. That’s something I haven’t done yet.”

The last team that needs to be puffing their chest out are the Eagles.  If anything they should be humbled and hungry by what happened last year.

I understand he is excited.

But he needs to settled down, have a Capri Sun and chill.


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