Former Bills Players Snitch on Gregg Williams Says They Have Bounty Program

Everyone throwing Gregg Williams under the bus.

Every player that he may have had a bad relationship with is coming out of the woodwork.

According to Tim Graham of, there are now accusations that Gregg Williams organized a bounty program with the Bills when he was their head coach from 2001-2003.

“There was financial compensation,” said former Bills safety Coy Wire said.

There are also three other Bills players from that era that confirmed Wire’s accusations. They requested to remain anonymous. Two of those players claimed that cash bonuses were given for “knockout shots” that forced players out of games.

Wire said when he arrived in Buffalo back 2002, there was an enviroment of “malicious intent.”

“That’s real,” Wire said by phone from Atlanta. “That happened in Buffalo.

“There were rewards. There never was a point where cash was handed out in front of the team. But surely, you were going to be rewarded. When somebody made a big hit that hurt an opponent, it was commended and encouraged.”