Giants Owner John Mara Takes Shot at Tebowmania, Announces David Carr Press Conference

I think having a press conference for your backup quarterback is silly.

With that being said you can’t deny there is interest because of the 5000 media outlets that are covering it.  Giants Owner John Mara decided to drop some professional ether on the Jets about the hype that Tebow brings to the NYC.

While meeting with reporters at the NFL meetings in Palm Beach, Mara was asked by reporters if New York is big enough for the Giants and Tebowmania.

“I don’t know, but the David Carr press conference will be tomorrow, too,” Mara joked to reporters according to tweet by ESPN’s Rachel Nichols.

The Giants signed their backup quarterback Carr shortly after Tebow was traded to the Jets. Of course, unlike Tebow, who will be welcomed with a press conference by the Jets on Monday, Carr’s signing was announced on a story by the Giants’ team website.

Nichols then relayed that comment to Jets owner Woody Johnson.

“Well, that’s pretty interesting,” Johnson told Nichols.

Nichols later tweeted, “(He) did not look pleased.”

The Jets may get all the back page stories, but it is the Giants with the Super Bowl rings.