Kimbo Slice Wins Boxing Match. Did Opponent Take a Dive? (Video)

After flaming out as a mixed martial artist (losing to a guy with pink hair will do that to you) Kimbo Slice has taken a stab at boxing. He was 3-0 coming into last nights fight with his promoters talking about him being the injection the heavyweight division needs.

Who knew boxing promoters were so prone to hyperbole?

His opponent, Brian Green (who might as well have been Brian Austin Green) just found out he was fighting Kimbo 5 days earlier and is primarily an MMA fighter. Not to mention, he weighs 187, giving up more than 40 pounds to Slice.

If you are trying to promote Slice as a legit fighter in the heavyweight division, it is probably not a good idea to have David Silver beat him, right? If you watch the whole fight, Green held his own against Slice and even looked like he might win the fight if it went to a decision. Lucky for Kimbo, he was able to knock out Green in the final round.

Of course I am not one to impugn the legitimacy of the sweet science, but i do find it a little suspicious that the knockout occurred with a mere 3 seconds left in the 4 round contest. That by itself doesn’t mean anything, but if you watch the video of the 4th round, you will see Green sells the knockout uppercut like Ric Flair.

Skip ahead to 3:55 to see the knockout.

Green looked gassed in the fourth, but i think even Kendrick Perkins could have taken that punch.

If you are interested, here are the first three rounds to judge for yourself.

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3: