Lebron’s Mom Gloria James Gets Community Service For Pimp Slapping Valet Rockfeller Sorel


I am sure Rockfeller got some hush money, because we haven’t heard from him in awhile. It was just a pimp slap, nothing to go to jail over.

But since it was Lebron’s mom it became a huge story.

Prosecutors agreed.

Law enforcement sources tell us … Gloria James struck a plea deal with prosecutors for the incident in which she slapped Rockfeller Sorel after allegedly berating him at the valet stand last April.

Under the terms of the deal, the court has agreed to dismiss the public intoxication charge against Gloria … if she completes 20 hours of community service, stays away from Sorel and donates $1,000 to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. FYI — Sorel is Haitian and personally agreed to the deal.


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