Lil Wayne Says Saints Should Be Stripped of Super Bowl Title (Video)


Doesn’t ESPN sponsor this web series by Lil Wayne?

It all makes perfect sense now.

No hometown sympathy from Weezy who mumbles his way through this video, before saying the Saints should be stripped of their Super Bowl title.

It is something I would expect to Skip Bayless to say, but since Skip prefers to debate rappers over people who can challenge his ignorance, I am not surprised that Wayne makes such a dumb comment.

Unless the NFL plans to take back all the Patriots Super Bowl wins, this is a moot point, but if you want to listen to Wayne ramble go right ahead.


  1. Lil Wayne needs go smoke more herb, get arrested for carrying illegal firarms, and go back to prison. How about we strip you of the gold in your fuckin’ mouth and make new Lombardi.

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