Nicole King Wants Her $4k a Month Child Support From Santonio Holmes Increased

$4000 a month x 12 months = $48,000

More than enough to care of a 10 year old, but not enough for King to live a baller life just based off child support. Check out the wording of her reasoning for asking for more money.

Just months after Holmes signed a 5-year deal with the Jets worth nearly $50 million, a woman named Nicole King has filed a petition in Florida for child support modification … demanding way more money from the star wide receiver.

King cites Holmes’ new contract in the docs — claiming, “There has been a substantial change in circumstances in that [Holmes’] income has substantially increased since the entry of the final judgment and the needs to the child have increased.”

King doesn’t specify how much extra cash she wants now that Holmes is rolling in more dough than ever — but according to the current child support order, Holmes is already required to pay the woman $4,000 a month … and even buy her a house.

Maybe legally Ms. King has a claim, but morally that is ridiculous. Holmes is giving her almost $50k a year and bought her a house, what exactly does she need the extra money for?

If she can lay out a clear reasons why $50k can’t get her son everything he needs then maybe I will be more understanding.

I don’t feel sorry for Holmes, he could have went to Walgreens and got a box of condoms, but it is called Child Support, not Baby Mama go to the club support.