Report: Dolphins Allegedly Not Interested in Tim Tebow

There is one point in this report from Pro Football Talk that is telling.

Before I give my thoughts here is what the Dolphins are allegedly thinking.

Salguero reports, via “several highly placed club sources”, that the team will not pursue a deal for Tebow. Per Salguero, the team is unwilling to revamp its offense for Tebow and they don’t think he’d fit into the West Coast scheme they want to run next season.

The fact you would have to change your whole offense for Tebow is a problem. I understand certain systems are better for certain players, but the West Coast offense is QB friendly and if Tebow can’t run that, he can’t be a QB in the NFL.

Just because Dolphins are saying they aren’t interested, doesn’t mean that is true, but it looks like they are hesitant to bring in the Tebow circus.

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