Report: Magic Tells Dwight Howard If He Stays in Orlando He Can Fire Stan Van Gundy & GM

I don’t want to believe this is true.

First, Howard is a kid in a grown ups body, I don’t think he is qualified to say who should be a head coach or general manager in the NBA.

Secondly, would adding a Stephen Jackson or some player like that really turn the Magic into NBA Finals contenders?

Here is the report.

One source close to the situation told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher that the Magic have promised Howard that they will add a quality player before Thursday’s deadline and that Howard can decide the fate of both GM Otis Smith and coach Stan Van Gundy at the end of the season if he signs an extension. Bucks swingman Stephen Jackson, frustrated in Milwaukee, is available and sources say he and Howard have talked about playing together.

The Magic currently are like the boyfriend who knows his girlfriend is leaving him when the lease is up and is just offering any and everything to try to keep them around.

Some women though no matter how attractive should have your ATM pin number.

If the Magic give Dwight this type of power he still might leave (just like Lebron did after they fired Mike Brown) and even if he stays I don’t see it working out long term.