Bobby Petrino Also Texted Bikini Model Alison Melder On University Phone (Photos)


Bobby Petrino had a blond on the side, so it makes sense he would have a brunette as well.

It is all about having options.

Ms. Melder is a former Miss Bikini USA 2008 and Petrino hit her up about 200 times via text last fall.  I am still mystified that he used the University phone for his sexting.

That is like watching porn on your work computer.


  1. I find it hard to crack TOO hard on Bret Michaels. I liked Poison back in the day, and he seems genuinely THERE for his fans to this day. That said, there was a bandana-less shot of him in the Rock of Love Season Finale the other night, and let’s just say that, while we appreciate how forthcoming he is about his folicle state of the union, it was obvious to even the most casual of observers.

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