Capitals Joel Ward Scores Game 7 Overtime Winner – Bruins Fans Unleash N-Word Barrage on Twitter

The NHL is the least racially integrated of the four major American sports. If you need proof of this, you just need to see the reaction on Twitter as Washington Capitals Winger Joel Ward scored the game winning goal in overtime to oust the defending champion Boston Bruins. collects Tweets on trending topics to tell a story with only the tweets. The story these tweets tell is that there is a whole hell of a lot of racist Boston Bruins fans. Of course this is not representative of Boston fans or of hockey fans in general, but it is scary that these people so easily put their racist feelings out there.

Here is just a sampling, for the full list click here

And my personal favorite, this guy must have Tourettes

Whether its racist crap like this or death threats against athletes (like Kyle Williams of the San Francisco 49ers) we see that sometimes sports fanaticism and assumed anonymity can be a very dangerous combination.

Although I wonder, what percentage of the people above would sing a different tune if asked to their face.

Here is video of the goal and celebration, since those racists f*ckwits probably aren’t visiting this site anyway.

215 thoughts on “Capitals Joel Ward Scores Game 7 Overtime Winner – Bruins Fans Unleash N-Word Barrage on Twitter

  • Personally, I think it’s great to see a black player scoring a crucial goal that will get a lot of airplay, in a market with a large black population.
    Hopefully, it will create more interest for the game of hockey among back DC residents.

    This being said, I do think that Mike Knuble interfered with Thomas on Ward’ goal.

  • Sad stuff to read indeed. Chris Rock said it best so unfortunately when we break barriera this is something we have to expect.

    “Black people dominate sports in the United States. 20% of the population and 90% of the final four. We own this shit. Basketball, baseball, football, golf, tennis, and as soon as they make a heated hockey rink we’ll take that shit too.”

    – Chris Rock. 

  • Another right wing LIE exposed,”THERE’S NO RACISM IN THEIR RANKS”! Yes America, we must continue to work toward ‘A MORE PERFECT UNION’.

    And as history has proven, ‘the truth will set you free’! Lets continue to cram reality down the regressives hate filled throat, until they choke. For the Misogynist,Racist,Superiority Complexed,cowards; let them wallow in their self inflicted misery…

  • As a society we should be thrilled Ward scored this particular high-profile goal as it would lead to further integration of people from all walks of life into hockey.

    Instead, this pathetic, venomous reaction puts the whole sport a step back.

    Ironically, this verbal dump comes from Bruins fans. After all, the Bruins where who Willie O’Ree played for:

    • As a society, we shouldn’t CARE who scores this goal. We shouldn’t be “happy for black people”… as that’s just as racist, except even more so, because we think that we’re somehow being nice. A hockey player scored the goal, and the important part, a Capital scored the goal, so they’re moving on. That’s all it is.

      • Agreed, Scott. When we can leave behind the ‘us vs. them’ mentality, we’ll be well on our way to a better world.

  • Disgusting but in no way representative of Bruins fan at all (I am one). Remember generalizing and prejudging entire groups of people by the acts of few is the same evil that leads to racism. These people you can judge to be colossal a-holes. All Bruins fan? That’s unfair.

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