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Capitals Joel Ward Scores Game 7 Overtime Winner – Bruins Fans Unleash N-Word Barrage on Twitter

by BSO Staff | Posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2012
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The NHL is the least racially integrated of the four major American sports. If you need proof of this, you just need to see the reaction on Twitter as Washington Capitals Winger Joel Ward scored the game winning goal in overtime to oust the defending champion Boston Bruins. collects Tweets on trending topics to tell a story with only the tweets. The story these tweets tell is that there is a whole hell of a lot of racist Boston Bruins fans. Of course this is not representative of Boston fans or of hockey fans in general, but it is scary that these people so easily put their racist feelings out there.

Here is just a sampling, for the full list click here

And my personal favorite, this guy must have Tourettes

Whether its racist crap like this or death threats against athletes (like Kyle Williams of the San Francisco 49ers) we see that sometimes sports fanaticism and assumed anonymity can be a very dangerous combination.

Although I wonder, what percentage of the people above would sing a different tune if asked to their face.

Here is video of the goal and celebration, since those racists f*ckwits probably aren’t visiting this site anyway.

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  1. Michael Burke says:

    This is absolutely nauseating! These cretins DO NOT represent Boston, Boston sports fans, or human beings in general. I hope they find these dirtbags and allow Chara, Shawn Thronton, and Ward himself to beat these cretins senseless with the stick used for the winning goal. What a disgrace.

  2. Toney Q Cobb says:

    there is a GOD! the poetic justice of Ward scoring the winning goal against a perceived racist sports town (last baseball team to integrate folks) and against Tim Thomas is sweeet! credit to the white Bruins fans who have stood up on this site…peace and blessings

    • Anon says:
      Might have been the last baseball team but first hockey team.

    • Michael Burke says:

      Sounds like Mr. Cobb is thinking rather racially himself, seeing the “poetic justice of Ward scoring” is clearly a reference to the color of his skin. Shame, shame.

      • Anon says:

        Couldn’t agree more. Been watching twitter for “Tim Thomas” and its just an endless stream of that exact comment. Its usually mixed in with karma that Timmy is racist because he snubbed the White House. I think people have forgotten what racism is. The crap above is racism. Not agreeing with the Gov. and coincidentally the Pres is african american are people looking for reasons to be morons just like Cobb.

        • Toney Q. Cobb says:

          my friend in no way shape or form do we need to be reminded of what racism is…as for being the first in the NHL and NBA give Beantown credit for that but it is no secret that Boston by and large has not been friendly or embraced black athletes…jsut ask the legend himself Bill Russell whao only refers to his team as the Celtics not Boston…finally it was the Bruins fans who made this a racial issue not us

          • Jalah413 says:

            1. There’s nothing saying that all of the fans that referred to Ward using the N word are in fact Bruins fans.
            2. Saying it was “poetic justice” confirms that you may have some racism in you just as these ignorant d*ckwads do. Perhaps to a lesser extent, but it’s still there.
            3. I’m a white fan in Boston. I don’t have a racist bone in my body. But using the old fall back that the Red Sox were the last team in baseball to employ a black player is very much along the same lines as saying I owe you something because your great, great, great grandfather was a slave. I am not and have never been a slave trader or plantation owner. And I can say with a moderate amount of certainty that you’ve never been a slave. I owe you nothing, and Boston owes you nothing. While I would certainly love the opportunity to apologize on behalf of my race to your great, great, great grandfather for what HE had to endure, I prefer to keep the conversation current.

            The acts of these fans (if they are fans and not just racist pigs that felt like offering their two cents after the winning goal was scored) are deplorable, but racism is still alive because EVERY race has it.

      • Toney Q. Cobb says:

        Michael, you may want to check the founder Robert Littal link about why he started this site…too often black athletes receive undue venom and criticsm on most mainstream sites…he just wanted to give us an opportunity to have our say

  3. Jill says:

    The devil is always at work- but God always has a back up plan. Mr. Ward congrats! You should Thank all these SAD people for the Blessings that God has coming your way! Congrats CAPS!!! To those Boston fans who stepped up thanks…

  4. Dan says:

    This is unbelievable! It goes beyond me that in 2012 there are still people who think like this!

  5. Peter says:

    Yes, it’s obvious that some these are Bruins fans. But to include “bruins fans” in the headline is a generalization. in fact I think hockey fans would be more accurate.i’m a bruins fan, not a racist . I’m glad it was Ward rather than someone like Ovechkin. Too bad the racism is overshadowing what must have been a great moment for him.

  6. lorimakesquilts says:

    What a shame to see a hard-fought series between two such evenly matched teams come to this. Four games decided in OT! The Bruins have nothing to be ashamed of, but the their fans are another thing altogether.

  7. G Speight says:

    I am a Canadian White male. I have played hockey competitively and am a big fan of the game. I have played hockey w/ both black and white athletes and see no difference. We are brothers on and off the ice. Disgraceful is too generous a word to describe the despicable comments by these idiots. They should be charged for hate crimes. It is unfortunate that such a key moment in Ward’s career is scared by this ignorance. And for the record – every single white person I associate with, feels the same!

  8. The Emperor says:

    Racism is just disgusting, whether it’s displays like this or the death threats when Dirk Nowitzki was in the running for NBA MVP. The sports world truly angers me.

  9. Jeff Parker says:

    I’m an old fat white guy. Big time hockey fan. These idiots don’t speak for me. Joel Ward won the game! Good going Joel! There will always be losers and half whits in life. Real hockey fans find this garbage unacceptable.

  10. Jacob Smith says:

    I bet these Moronic Boston Fans (not all boston fans) weren’t complaining about all the black men who helped the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots win their Championships. But a black man scores against their team, and they suddenly turn into a bunch of cowardly racists hiding behind their twitter account.

  11. JF Leduc says:

    I’m sorry but for anyone saying this isn’t indicative of racism amongst Bruins fans, you live in a parallel universe. I cannot think of any other town that would so despise another team’s player based on the color of his skin. I’m not saying ALL bruins’ fans are racists, that would be equally ridiculous, but Boston’s hockey fans in general are the closest to roller derby and professional wrestling fans as you can get.

    As for the whole thing I find it appalling, disgusting and sad beyond belief. I cannot believe that in 2012 people still discredit or hate fellow human beings based on their ethnicity.

  12. Cletus says:

    He is a nigger though.

    • Worst Enemy says:

      And you’re a tiny dicked devil

    • Toney Q Cobb says:

      with a name like Cletus I’m sure you’re a prince of a guy…walk up to the next black man age 18 and above and say that

    • Aaron says:

      And you’re very stupid and ignorant, pathetic excuse for a humanbeing.

    • Tony says:

      And you like the rest of the racists are COWARDS…WEAK PATHETIC COWARDS who would NEVER say it to a black persons face! Every time I hear something racist, I think they must feel that they are inferior – people who know where they stand in life knows their worth and doesn’t feel the need to berate people based on nothing.

    • JP says:

      Is that the best you can do Cletus? Kind of lame.

  13. Desmond W says:

    Some people just don’t have a clue. Thank you Joel Ward for saving my hockey pool!

  14. Sharon says:

    This is a pervasive problem! Cyber-racism. Learn about how to identify it and address it at a one day Race and Media Symposium on June 9 in Silver Spring, MD. You will never see the media the same way again. VIsit for more info.

  15. joe says:

    I say we need to educate our kids because this is learned at home 90% of the time. That is why we need to start changing our ways because our kids learn everything from us parents or someone they look up to. Teach people we need to teach.

  16. christie says:

    Goodness, l expected a better reaction in this century..l come from a country where all marathons belong to my kinsmen and women…even Boston marathon was won my kinsman/woman (Kenyan) and mmmmmmmh we don’t see ourselves as N***** but talented people.

  17. curt says:

    A song taught me when I was a kid that no matter what you do in America, no matter how much money you make or how smart or polite you are,you’re still a nigga. So, while i’ve accepted the fact that people will hate me and discriminate against me because of how I look, it’s still unbelievable that people are such cowards. This bugs me the most because it could be the person who smiles in my face everyday who hides behind a computer because they don’t have the courage to tell me that they hate me to my face. So sad. But like one of the other commenters said, the will see that negro in round two.

  18. Nelson says:

    The day we embrace our humanity rather than our ethnicities is the day we will triumph over ignorance, hatred, bigotry and consequently racism

  19. John says:

    That’s awful… the “n” word didn’t even enter my mind. The B’s were outplayed and lost fair and square.

  20. THE ARS says:

    I’m suprised you niggers are able to find time to be indignant, what with all of your other pursuits.

    You know, like making illegitimate children, finding a liqour store that will take your EBT card, visiting your relatives in prison, eating at McDonald’s every day in a never ending quest to create a new strain of diabetes…

    You black folks have a lot on your plate already, don’t let some ignorant hockey fans get in the way of achieving your goals.

    • judy says:

      Dear THE ARS… While you’re listing all the things black ppl are so busy doing, don’t forget scoring the game 7 winning goal bitch!

      • Toney Q Cobb says:

        touche…good one…you know Judy I love supervising and bossing assholes like ARS on a daily basis the last one I fired cried like a bitch

    • Travis says:

      “illegitimate children, finding a liqour store that will take your EBT card, visiting your relatives in prison, eating at McDonald’s every day in a never ending quest to create a new strain of diabetes”

      …you mean like the rest of America?

    • Aaron says:

      You stupid coward, I am sure you can’t afford to face successful black men like myself. All this just shows how ignorant you are,go get a life like the rest of us.

    • Tony says:

      Funny..but white people are known to be serial killers, child molesters (especially your clergy), Ponzi schemers and known to be into bestiality. They are the biggest race on welfare and the biggest cowards (because i know your weak ass would NEVER say any of that to a black persons face…so I’m surprised you took time away from molesting some little boy to write anything….COWARD!

  21. judy says:

    I’m a Caps fan. In Washington, we all Rock the Red. That’s the only color that matters. So Let’s Go Caps! And way to go Joel Ward on the series winning, sudden death, OT Game Winner!!

  22. Jim says:

    Hello Joel,

    Don’t let these mental midgets get you down. I love it that your number is Jackie Robinson’s and you knocked out Boston in Boston!!! Just like Charlie Sheen said, don’t let your facial tissue become a racial issue. What an amazing goal and good for you! The hell with those sore losers that hid behind their computers to spew hate.

  23. Jacob S. says:

    People with this mentality are simply ignorant. It is the whole skin color issue. There are plenty of ethnic players in the NHL, but not all of the ethnic players are black. While they’re not white, they are “white enough” or not black. When Brandon Yip with the blues scores, you don’t see twitter lit up with people saying “the chink scored” or when Jerome Iginla with the Flames scores, you don’t see the “n” comments because Iginla may be part black, but he’s white enough. I’m sure you’ll hear people saying similar things when Wayne Simmonds of the flyers scores, but if Chris Stewart of the Blues scores, he’s only half black and lighter skinned and unless his helmet is off, you almost don’t know he’s black at all..but you know what, he’s white enough.

    My wife is from Japan, and when she was an exchange student in a rural Ohio community, people were very nice to her, but she had people in her host family who had a problem with one of their daughters dating a black man. My wife asked why it was an issue and they said, we don’t like him because he’s not white. My wife said, “well I’m not white either” and they said, “you’re white enough, dear.”

    Guess what you racist pigs. I hope that the Capitals, Blues, Flyers or Predators win the cup because they all have players with ethnic backgrounds and all you sore loser racist boston fans can suck it when someone who isn’t white enough holds Lord Stanley’s Cup, in the air, kisses the cup, drinks from the cup…something that you’ll never get to do in your lifetime.

  24. JOhn says:

    It’s a sad day as a Bruins fan to see some of the comments people made but it’s sadder as an American and citizen of the World.

  25. Richard says:

    Here is a little comment from Canada. Being a black male that played hockey all of my childhood into adulthood at a higher level gave me tons of exposure to racism especially in small towns where I live and travelling around US cities. The North America is sadly the most progressive continent as Europe etc can be 10X worst. Racism will never die because most people need something to lash out at when all else fails and they need the buy in from other bottom feeders. These same knuckle draggers are the ones who were cheering when the Soxs, Celts and Pats won and would run home like little school kids, so they could brag if they met a famous athlete and say “We” won – just don’t bring them home to your racist mentors (the parents). Remember Boston had Willie Oree and Anson Carter who both very good goal scores for years in the NHL and they were happy to cheer for them when they were “on their side”. If white people are mad about this Twitter uproar, then say something about it and stand up for what you believe in and that’s when some change will actually start to happen. There are hundreds of black hockey players playing around the world in semi pro leagues, so despite what the retards on Twitter and water coolers are saying, hockey is nowhere near a white only sport. Canada’s legacy started back in the early 1800’s with the slaves that escaped the US and formed a league of their own that were so good that white pro leagues at the time on the east coast of Canada had to sabotage them because the escaped slaves had become that good. There is NO sport that black people can’t do well at with exposure to facitlies and coaching- there are only those that try adamantly to keep them out for the sake of holding status for their own culture.

  26. Michael Hawk says:

    As a hockey coach, these comments just infuriate me. I coach in the Los Angeles area, and we have a racially diverse group of young athletes playing hockey here. The young black players I’ve coached talk about how few role models they have in the pros (a fact which has been getting better, but still, not great) and to see a grinder like Ward create such a memorable moment, one that these kids can look up to and then to see just worthless idiots try and diminish it like this is disgusting. This is probably going to be the greatest personal achievement in Ward’s career, a moment all young hockey players dream of, and to see racism drag it down is depressing.

  27. TBozz says:

    All these N word comments are truley hilarious to me! Ignorance is the greatest form of flattery in this case. All of you have misdirected anger. Who in the heck do you think helped black people become world class athletes in all sports? Your anger is sooo mis-directed. It’s a direct result of running from bullets and such for 400 hundred years and counting. You can’t have your cake and eat it too because I KNOW YOU DO NOT WANT TO SWITCH TEAMS! ROFLMMFAOBOLOLOLOL *crying* LOLOLOL

  28. Ed says:

    Ironic that commenters here are using this report as evidence that the people of Boston are racists, considering a common element in racism includes citing the actions of a few as representative of the larger group to further support their already existing prejudice against that group. Oh you can reference something that happened with Bill Russell half a century ago or something from your own anecdotal experience as empirical evidence of Boston’s racism? Well then. I’m satisfied. Case closed. And here I was thinking this just had something to do with a few people once again taking sports too seriously and using something hateful to vent their frustrations.

    • Toney Q Cobb says:

      “considering a common element in racism includes citing the actions of a few as representative of the larger group to further support their already existing prejudice against that group.” But Ed my friend isn’t that what this country has done and continues to do to minorities on a daily basis?

  29. Boston says:

    I’m from Boston… we’re racist. It’s not right, but its true. But so is everywhere else

  30. Theresa says:

    i’m starting to hate the internet
    it makes it too easy for people to say terrible things

  31. Mike K says:

    Not all of these people are Bruins fans–in fact one of them even has Detroit Redwings avatar. To characterize an entire city based on a handful of comments from people that might not even live there makes no sense. These comments are sad no doubt, but it would be wrong to make generalizations about an entire city because of them.

  32. that one guy says:

    dickholes like these people me me ashamed to be white…hell yeah CAAAAAAAAAPS. oh and also, a special ‘fuck you’ to the redwings fans who posted this shit.

  33. Mattbnh says:

    I am a Bruins fans and an OLG (old white guy) and I am thoroughly disgusted by this. I am by no means colorblind – I grew up during the civil rights era, went to an integrated high school, played sports with black teammates, and this makes me sick. But there is no question the haters are out there and our politicians fan the flames. I want to see what my favorite blogger, Ta-Nehisi Coates, has to say. I’ll bet he mentions it.

  34. chand05 says:

    Wow! for those of us who believe in Jesus Christ well they talked about him and we all can witness the great things he has done, so why should think people will not talk about us. I’m not saying I agree with what was said by no means, but whats funny everyone who is talking thrash is hiding behind close doors and paying his salary by going to the games and seeing him send the bruins home.

  35. John says:

    The only part I love about all this venom is that they have to deal with the fact that this “inferior” man beat them. These sad backwards losers deserve to watch and cry as our world becomes more and more integrated and they by virtue of their stupidity and ignorance become more and more marginalized in society.

    • John says:

      White people are being bred out of existence anyway. Little dicks no rhythm means you can’t fuck for shit. So latinos and blacks are doing what you can’t for your women and in jut a few more generations we’ll have to go to the zoo to see a mullet.

      • Got it Backwards says:

        Isn’t this just as racist of a comment as all of the Tweets? You’re just as bad as the ignorant, bone-headed fans.

      • THE ARS says:

        I could fuck your girl, you unemployable monkeey. I don’t want to fuck a saggy tit welfare nigger with four kids.

        That’s your game.

        I’m sitting in my bedroom looking at a bicycle that cost more than your car.

        Have fun at McDonald’s tommorrow you filthy smelly animal.


  36. Chantel Andersen says:

    how absolutely disgusting…these a holes are just jealous they can’t play because they are too busy living in mommy and daddy’s basement without a life….way to go Ward!!!

  37. World Peace says:

    The problem is not just the Boston fans.. I see this type of irresponsible behavior on every social media site I search. Anytime a person other than white does something heroics the individual is subjected to this type of abuse.. America has a problem so to everybody who post these types of slurs try to remember that these people are no different from you. Stop living in the past or we will always be at war in our own country.

    • Raymond Fenner says:

      I see this happen in all races and sports, for example, some blacks were doing the same things to Jeramy Linn, just saying, for the record its unacceptable. Anyhow just saying if a group thinks he owns a sport, they always try to discredit the one who they believe don’t belong in that sport.

      • Stephen N. says:

        I’m sorry but saying you don’t believe someone shouldn’t get as much praise because their Asian isn’t the same as calling them by a racial slur…

  38. Big Shawn says:

    I’m not surprised! I’m from Boston and there is racist here like everywhere else! At least down south they call you “NIGGER” to your face! Ward keep your head up! Yeah you beat my team but they should of never called you out your name!!!

  39. Anthony Young says:

    Let the whole world see this as proof evidence of racism constantly coming from white people. Dont want to hear nobody complaining about us pulling the race card, because the racist bastards wont quit.

    • Toney Q Cobb says:

      Thanks Anthony for your post…I’ve on this site and commenting since yesterday, having our say as the expression goes but there have been a couple of whites (who naturally claim they are not racist) who felt compelled to call me a racist for standing up against these disgusting tweets and the not so pleasant history of Boston towards our people; so as you say if you don’t like the race card then put YOUR people in check, not us

    • Raymond Fenner says:

      So were all guilty for a couple of nut cases, blacks are equally racist, some still hold us responible for the actions of are ancesters, during the years of slavery. Racism and the race card are all tools of thee racist out there. One is ugly thee other is using that ugliness agaist us who don’t share those same feelings. Plus remember what Mayweather said about linn, his wine about why were celebrating an asian player, when an average black basketball player wouldn’t get that attention. Racism is on both sides, just in two differnet forms.

      • Toney Q Cobb says:

        disagree with your post to a certain extent…Mayweather’s comments were NOTHING like the tweets following Ward’s goal…my point is that you want to come down on black people for being angry instead of chastising the perpetrators casting vile, threatning swaths against an entire population because a hockey player scored the winning goal…most of us dislike the fact that when we address racist acts we meet this “well you do it too” and “get over it” reaction from many well-meaning whites…the fact remains the people who made this nasty tweets were wrong and we have a right to be upset… it’s not about keeping a scorecard

      • Stephen N. says:

        Blacks don’t hold whites responsible for the actions of their ancestors. It’s institutionalized racism we hold them responsible for. We have a president who is African American and who’s disrespected because of the color of his skin, and now we have a hockey player who is disrespected because of the color of his skin. This just goes to show that in 2012 not much has really changed…

        • Stephen says:

          I feel this is the most accurate, and concise response thus far, regarding not only the idiotic tweets, but racism in general. Thank you for your wisdom.

        • Stephen says:

          For TRUE fans of their respective sports teams, they didn’t see a black man score a goal…they saw a hockey player close out a tough series against the incumbent champion. As a black male, I’ve used sports as an outlet to get away from the everyday hardships life has to offer. It’s such a shame we have racist beings who can NEVER separate life from leisure.

      • Stephen says:

        I understand what you were trying to explain, but the grammar threw me off so much that I had to read your comment about 50 times. But you are correct in your statement. Racism isn’t only exclusive to whites, and by saying it is, that’s JUST AS being racist. It’s exists on ALL fronts. By the way, thank you for using the word “some” in describing SOME blacks and their feelings on slavery and oppression. All too often I have to hear SOME whites comment that ALL blacks are upset about slavery.

      • Tmo says:

        Toney, not to take anything away from your argument but will there ever be a time when white folks just plain old concede that a situation is flat out wrong! I’m a minority professional, the only in an office of 30 and when incidents like this come up, I’m not blaming everyone white in the world but MY GOD acknowledge my pain. Race relations will Never change as long as ever time something happens white folks play tit for tat..” look what such and such did, what about him, I didn’t have anything to do with slavery”. Well neither did I! And I didn’t bring it it! Also didn’t have anything to do with Jim Crow! But it is the reason Im a first generation college student while my coworkers are 3rd generation legacies. I’m not complaining but it’s reality. Not our faults but please acknowledge it!

      • daudi says:

        You are doing the very thing you are trying to condemn

      • Diana says:

        Do you remember a black man in Texas named James Berg(sp) tied to the back of a car and dragged until he was decapitated? How about last week in Oklahoma, killers, white ones, killing innocent black people for being black. Stop saying it’s on both sides, African Americans should be mad as hell. When they play by the rules they get the same dung.

    • Daman says:

      Yeah pathetic as it is, and being white I think they all should be slapped upside their head. But still you have to revert back to the Twana Bradley story and I believe a majority stir the pot just to do it! And black folks hate racial harmony just like the white klan idiots play the same game!

  40. Big Shawn says:

    Hey Joel Ward me and a couple of brothers in Boston are going to buy your jersey and wear it around town and dare somebody to call us out our name!!!!!

    • daryle walton says:

      big shawn –

      although i commend you on your stand for mr. ward.. but why invite trouble..there are probably more of them than there are of you, and trouble would only serve to bring crap to you..

      that is my suggestion.. god bless..

      • Big Shawn says:

        daryle walton-

        I understand where your coming from but if i had a t-shirt on and somebody called me out my name there is going to be a problem! I know other ways besides violence to handle racist pigs and believe me there is many of me (all different race)! I should be able to walk down the street with a Joel Ward jersey on and not be worried about being called a “NIGGER”! I respect your comment daryle walton but i’m in this for the long run because I can’t change my color or my race!

    • Stephen says:

      LOVE THIS!!

  41. Mary Snyder says:

    You are disgusting pigs. Sore losers. GREAT JOB JOEL WARD!

  42. The Carnivore says:

    I think it would be some fun to meet these low lifes face to face.
    However, as is typical of their kind, they would not have the courage to show up.
    If they did, unless they were with their own kind in a gang, their scrotii are empty and they’d be quiet cowards.

    I’ve been a player(yeah, both hockey and in life;~) and a fan all of my life.
    I could only dream of being good enough to skate with guys like Joel Ward.
    The dude can play and, I’m glad the Caps will move on.

    I’m a Blackhawks fan and unfortunately, as we get farther away from what Dale Tallon built and more into the failure years of Scotty’s incompetent little boy, we will not see another Cup and quite possibly not make the Playoffs.

    Too bad racehate still exists and comes in all colors and, even ethnicities.

    I think an apt and fitting adjective for these creeps in twitter would be “trailer trash tweeters”.

    • Stephen says:

      Great comment! But they aren’t deserving of the “trailer trash” title. These types of scum need a special moniker that describes an individual who cannot separate their racist beliefs from the venue of sports. I’ll let you know when I come up with one.

  43. Stephen N. says:

    Congratulations to Ward for his goal. As a Black man I commend his accomplishment because he is doing something positive with his life. I don’t feel like it is being racist to show love for another brother, especially when so many have hate in their hearts. How come people can’t see how ignorant racism really is…

    • Stephen says:

      What I find troubling is, idiots like these can make a comment so quickly from their heart to describe an athlete, not by his skill, but by who they believe him to be. Ward’s approach to the matter is classy, and commendable.

  44. Stephen says:

    As I was bored at work today, I decided to look for these racist fools on Facebook, and found one of them. BRADEN AXTMAN from Miami. Given the uniqueness of his name and surname, as well as the same profile pics on Twitter and Facebook, I would say that is definitely him.

    • Rangers Fan says:

      Stephen – I did the same thing, and found what is likely another one. Bunch of cowards for deleting their accounts.

      But I would caution against posting because what if we are wrong? Then it’s Spike Lee retweeting wrong address for George Zimmerman all over again. The person I found is a high schooler in Niagra Falls, sadly.

      The best part of all this is the support for Joel Ward has far outweighed the hate. Now, I’m a Rangers fan so I hope he doesn’t score another goal this playoffs!


      • Stephen says:

        I agree 100% with the caution of erroneously posting a person’s information. But I did spend the time to make sure it was indeed BRADEN. I even went out of my way to connect with him on FB, but I’m still waiting for a reply. As far as REAL hockey fans of our respective teams, if Ward goes scoreless throughout the series, I wouldn’t mind as long as the Caps win!! Cheers to you as well!

        • THE ARS says:

          What don’t you filthy worthless fucking niggers come talk to me?

          You fucking stinking fucking animals.


          DUMB AS A FUCKING DOOR KNOB. So dumb you didn’t know that word has a B.

          SMELLY. Fucking BO city.

          UGLY. You look like monkeys.

          STUPID. Nothing on this earth is as stupid as a nigger. Pants around your ankles, acting tough, too fucking dumb to swipe your WIC card.

          If you niggers would go back to africa where you belong, this country would be in great shape.

          That’s what kind of drain you are.


  45. Learn Your U.S. History says:

    Repeat due to not being the greatest at texting, but I want to be clear. To Melissa, HLN and Hockey Fan…

    There is the Black Caucus, the NAACP, Black History month and etcetera. Have you heard of the Jim Crow era in the U.S. or Brown vs. Board? These are things in history that took place a century after the black slaves were freed. Blacks and minorities in general, including white women had to fight for freedom and equality. The good ole’ boys are relentless and would not hire minorities, women or those with disabilities (or allow them to attend their educational institutions). What happened next? Affirmative Action! This law went into effect because minorities, women and those that were handicap were prohibited from certain Universities, thus Historically Black Colleges and Universities were born; including Universities and Colleges for women. This law went into effect to force employers that would not ordinarily hire minorities, women and those with disabilities to include them in the hiring pool and not only include them, but hire those that were qualified.
    Fast Forward to 2009, President Obama was inaugurated only a few short months into his Presidency one of his campaign promises went into effect. He signed a bill that would mandate equal pay for women in this Country. Wake up! It took this long for women to get equal pay in America!?! Inequality and racism exists no matter how you slice it! History lessons in grammar, middle and high schools do not include history lessons on Black Scholars, Physicians, Inventors, Attorney’s, Politicians and Soldiers, which perpetuate that status quo, that minorities are inferior. The stories being told are about oppression as it relates to those of African descent.

    If one hears this rhetoric over and over again from infancy to adulthood, one would begin to believe that disparity is okay and that he or she is superior to minorities. When history books in elementary schools and class lessons do not include stories of African Americans, Africa, and Ancient Kemit, but include European and skewed American history, there is nothing that goes against the superiority belief. If you are not minority, this may not be apparent to you, if you do not know your history. In 1979 the Black Entertainment Television Network was on the air, it began as a cable station and due to growth and dollars it became a network station, the founder is a billionaire due to his courage to create such a network. It is a network that was and is needed because other stations would not play Black music videos or movies with Black leading actors. Blacks were not being recognized or awarded for their music talents and acting ability, but BET recognized them.

    After nearly 90 years of OSCAR Awards, there may be 12 black actors with an OSCAR, but not for powerful superior roles such as Denzel Washington in “X” the story of Malcolm X, but for “Training Day” playing a crooked detective, that was the largest criminal in the city. Black Online Sports, Asian Online Sports, I am almost certain were birthed like history shows us because there were no other outlets to cover their stories! Melissa, the writer of this story should not have referenced a disability, but that reference is very commonly made in our American culture on movies and in network television. You should be writing to the Hollywood Executive Directors and Producers, to the Writers Guild and the owner of the networks that allow that sort of unconscious offensive language. Better yet, write to the FCC and that might put a stop to it! However, grabbing that mishap from this article to attack the author and get off the subject is distracting and unnecessary. I am sure you know that he did not intend to offend anyone as that reference is unfortunately commonly used in the U.S. It is satire! Is it okay? No, but that type of satire has somehow found its way in our culture and has been around for decades. To take that and attack the reporter is not necessary and distracting to most. I can almost guarantee that you have not written or called the aforementioned decision makers of media with your complaints.
    Some people are misinformed and extremely insecure. When one is reared to believe that he/she is superior just because he/she was born with less melanin in his or her skin, it is confusing, hurtful and frustrating to know that what he/she was taught is all lies. To be superior is not a birth right, but a right after hard work, blood, sweat, tears and education, proper planning and strategic career choices. That is what it takes to be superior in terms of social class and economic class, morality comes from a truly sound upbringing. It angers these babes or those that use child like behavior to display their ignorance and anger to learn that they are not superior, just by being born! There are other people on the planet of many different back grounds even those of African descent whether they are from the U.S. or not that have the intelligence to be a quarterback on a football field, to build the highest building in the world or to be the President of the United States. Blacks are not 3/4th human (although removed from the Constitution, some people won’t let it go); there is no justification for cruelty, racism, slavery and oppression. Blacks are very successful and intelligent people. Although Candidate Romney and former Candidate Gingrich, Rush Limbough and other right wing radio talk show hosts would have you believe that AA are all poor and on welfare. If that is so, how is it possible that Blacks make up 12% of the U.S. population (as of the last U.S. Census) and they are the top consumers in the United States? The poor, uneducated, welfare rhetoric is all propaganda to keep the status quo going and the racist fed. When the superiority is challenged of those whom believe that they are superior based on race, he or she does not know how to handle that information when they realize their belief is not true, thus the racial slurs on twitter. These types of people when faced with this reality go back to a child like state of mind. It is a place that is familiar, a place where they learned that they are superior than those of African Descent. These individuals begin to call names like they are 6 years old. It is elementary to behave that way and not worth mentioning, why bring light to that sort of idiocy.
    There is never a need to lower yourself and use profanity, there is never a need to drop down to child like behavior and call petty names. I know the history behind the N word, but as soon as “We the People” do not give that sort of tyranny speech the time of day, it will die. Like many other words from past centuries. The name calling is laughable and needs to be ignored, if you are a Senator, Judge or a servant for the people period you need to step down (I want to be clear) if you choose to use that language. However, the word is meaningless and should not get attention. The very intelligent Matriarch of my family always said, those that use profane language do not have a broad vocabulary and therefore have no other way of expressing themselves. Be it Asian Sports Online, Black History month, Arab and Hispanic Heritage, Latin Music Awards or Country Music Awards, these are different cultures that are not recognized and have every right to be recognized in mainstream media. They are Americans! Their story past and present is relevant. You cannot defend a racist, if one displays this type of behavior in words, at a rally against Blacks and Jewish people or in a lynching or attends a cross burning ceremony, that person is a racist! Beyonce’ (Pop & R&B Singer) is African American, Native American and French. She was declared by People Magazine the most beautiful woman in the world (May 2012), her beauty is of the status quo. We have a President that is African, Cherokee, English and Irish, but racism in the U.S. is still prevalent. We are however, making progress. Again, let us all stop giving this sort of behavior a forum. Just like a child, if you ignore their bad behavior they will finally give in and follow discernment as they are taught and begin to display polite behavior. We as American’s must ignore racist behavior and stop giving it any attention. It’s silly, let us now talk about the WIN, that’s really what’s important right?

    • THE ArS says:

      I could not stop reading those 600 lines of single spaced text on my computer screen. It was this awesomely large block of headache! It was addictive!

      Very well done, my black friend!

      Shocking that your people can’t get ahead, what with such a mastery of the simplest things in life.

      Again, well done.


  46. Yaseen Ali says:

    These racial post game comments are stupid, hateful, and ignorant. I knew the moment I saw the goal there was going to be a problem. I’m a Muslim,I’m a European descendant and an American.I love hockey, but I know racism exist in it, because I play online hockey with other fans. Just try playing the video game online and you will see, the names are appalling as well as some comments. I think part of this has to do with hockey’s lack of integration. It’s one of the last great bastions that racist can flock to, so they can try to hold on to the false idea of racial superiority. In my experience, Islam was the 1st real example of integration I experienced. It is proof that it can exist. Maybe that proof can be turned into a different outlook in hockey, our country, and the world.

  47. THE ARS says:

    Shut up nigger.

    Your check will be in the mailbox in three days and all will be right again.



  48. mike from boston says:

    There are a lot of uneducated people on Twitter, they do not run our country. Let us move on from this, jesus christ!

  49. iguel says:

    Living in Boston has been a: boring. It’s like the white suburbs all got pushed together to create no art, music, or creative outlets which drives the b: racism/xenophobia.

    It’s weird because I love the liberal politics. Cleveland is also liberal and has better food along with more diversity. I’d rather live there (or NYC of course).

  50. Along with almost everything which seems to be developing inside this particular area, your viewpoints are actually somewhat radical Having said that, I appologize, because I can not subscribe to your entire suggestion, all be it radical none the less It appears to me that your commentary are not completely justified and in reality you are generally your self not even completely confident of your argument In any event I did take pleasure in reading it.

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