Deion Sanders & Tracey Edmonds Hit the Red Carpet (Photos)

All has been quiet on the Deion Sanders divorce drama and that is a good thing. For awhile things were getting out of hand with the daily public accusations and Twitter wars.

Deion has steadfastly denied any inappropriate relationships with anyone including his business partner Tracey Edmonds.

They stepped out as friends for the Streetcar Named Desire Broadway opening. The YBF has more details.

Remember last month when Deion Sanders’ estranged wife Pilar named Tracey Edmonds as one of the reason she and her husband were on the outs?  Tracey denied she was his mistress and responded as if nothing was going on–as she said she and Deion had just met on a business level a couple months prior.

Well Deion & Tracy surely stepped out looking very couple-like at last night’s Streetcar Named Desire Broadway opening in New York.

Tracey said she didn’t appreciate her name being falsely dragged into the mix.  But there’s nothing false about these two looking like Deion isn’t still technically married.

Since, Pilar has been pictured at movie premieres with other men that aren’t Deion, don’t see any need to jump to conclusions that Prime is doing anything wrong.

At this point the marriage is over, so they are both free to do their photo opps and appearances separately.   If and when they want to announce a new relationship, I am sure they will.


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