ESPN Catches Dwight Howard Lying About Trying to Get Stan Van Gundy Fired (Video)

Bravo Hannah Storm……Bravo…..

Dwight Howard is a terrible liar except when it comes to home many kids his has (Dwight Howard’s Secret Baby Mamas Hope Alexa,Tiffany Render & Maybe More).

When he sat down with ESPN to speak on what happened the day Stan Van Gundy outed him for trying to get him fired, the following exchanged happened.

Storm: So you NEVER tried to get Stan Van Gundy fired?

Howard: Naawwww…..


A little later on as Howard tries to strengthen his lie, he tried to slide in this comment.

Howard: I haven’t talked to anyone in management about trying to get Stan fired this season.

That is when Hannah Storm seeing the contradiction got Dwight to admit what we already knew, that he is a liar.

I get on ESPN a lot, but that was a very savvy move by Storm and if Dwight is willing to lie on National TV about getting his coach, what else do you think he is willing to lie about?

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