Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto “Face Off” (Video)

When it comes to Floyd Mayweather the boxer it is pretty simple.

As long as he is on his “A” game he can’t be beaten. A lot of boxers can be at their best and still be beaten, but not Floyd.

The question begs at 35, when does the “A” game become a “B+” and allows an opponent to take advantage. In Boxing especially with elite fighters, the slippage is subtle you have to be paying attention to see it.

If you look at the fights Mayweather has had since he white washed Juan Manuel Marquez, he has subtly changed his fighting style since his earlier days.

A little more flat footed, a little more aggressive and definitely using mind manipulation more to throw his opponents off their game.

I thought Victor Ortiz if he would have kept his head and got Mayweather uncomfortable in the later rounds at least had a puncher’s chance to win, but Floyd got to him and soon as he let his guard down he found himself on the canvas.

Miguel Cotto isn’t going to get caught up in mind games, but the problem with Cotto is he isn’t a good closer. If Mayweather starts to frustrate him will he just try to survive as oppose to go all out?

Their Face Off was respectful, Mayweather is a smart guy he is looking for angles for get to Cotto, but so far he hasn’t delivered any ether.