Greg Williams “Take Out the Head and ACL” Speech Not Unusual (Listen to Audio)

Your first reaction is………


But I can tell you as someone who has cover the NFL for almost seven years now and have been in locker rooms and talked to 100s of players and coaches this isn’t unusual.

It is a little extreme, but I have heard variations of this type of speech many times.

You have to understand what athletes and coaches say to the media and what is really going on behind closed doors are two different things.

I guarantee you there are 100s of coaches right now sipping on their morning coffee thinking…

“Thank God no one has ever taped one of my meetings.”

So, when you are listening to this, keep that in mind. I don’t condone¬† it and I never think you should purposefully go after someone’s knees, head or anything with the intent to injure, but if you think the Saints and Greg Williams are the only ones who were doing this, you are sorely mistaken.