Jabar Gaffney Melts Down on Twitter. Did Lito Sheppard Sleep With His Wife Terin Gaffney?


Last Saturday, Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Jabar Gaffney tweeted that Eagles defensive back Lito Sheppard was a p*ssy mf’er. Odd sentiment to have on the eve of Easter Sunday, considering that it seemed to be out of the blue, and also the fact that they are first cousins.

Now he took to Twitter and went on a little bit of a rant about his soon to be ex-wife, today being their anniversary and all, and some people tried to connect the dots.

Here is the timeline read from the bottom up, judge for yourself.

And remember, Jabar keeps it 100.

[h/t @ThisIsChucker]


  1. Don’t be mad at Lito ! I didn’t here you say Lito rape’d my wife, so she was a willing partner in all of that.

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