Janoris Jenkins on Pacman Jones Comparisons: “I Never Shot Up Anyone in Strip Club”

Janoris Jenkins has some issues.

Multiple arrests, kicked out of school and getting his mini Cromartie on (NFL Draft Hopeful Janoris Jenkins Has 4 Kids Janoris Jr, Legend, Janorian and Paris).

But what he wants you to know is he is no Pacman Jones.

Asked by Adam Schein if Fisher possibly was interested in Jenkins because of similarities to Pacman, Jenkins scoffed.

“I mean, no, because I never shot up a strip club or nothing like that,” Jenkins said.

Nice quote, but factually a little off.

Pacman Jones was involved in a fight at a strip club that had a shooting shortly thereafter. Did Pacman order the shooting?

That is up for discussion, but factually he was only charged with felony coercion, which was later reduced to a misdemeanor and Pacman spent zero time in jail.

So, while I get what Jenkins is saying, his statement was inaccurate even if funny to some in the media.