Kobe Bryant Says Scoring Title Isn’t Important..He Could Score 50 if He Wanted To


Kobe Bryant has five championships, a scoring title means little to nothing to him.

Doesn’t matter if you have 10 scoring titles, 5 MVPs & 3 Defensive player of the year awards, if you have no rings then you are…………..

You know who.

Kobe Bryant downplayed the meaning of winning a third scoring title.

“(It’s) not very important,” Bryant said. “San Antonio was playing me single coverage yesterday, if it was important I would have gone for 50 yesterday.

“You guys now know I can get it. I’m not really tripping about it.”

Bryant leads the league in scoring with a 27.9 average while Kevin Durant is second, averaging 27.8 points a game.

Even when Kobe is downplaying something he still adds a little Darth Kobe to it.  Have to love that.


  1. Sure Kobe. We’ll see you tomorrow, jacking up 40 shots. I can’t stand this smug muthaphucka smh. He’s a great player, but we(the fans) don’t believe this tough-guy act. It will eat him alive if some young boy beats him in scoring, regardless if he’s looking at ‘the big picture’ or not.

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