New Panthers Jerseys Pay Tribute To Sam Mills

Other than the Seahawks uniform, there weren’t a lot of changes to the other 31 team uniforms (which was kind of disappointing). Besides the NIKE logo and new gloves and shoes, the uniforms pretty much look the same.

But the Panthers did add a little something special on the inside of its jersey. The phrase “KEEP POUNDING” is stitched in the trim of the neck area.

It was a phrase used by the late Sam Mills, a Panthers linebacker and assistant coach who died of cancer in 2005.  Per Fowler, Mills gave a stirring pre-game speech the night before a 2003 playoff win over the Cowboys.

“When I found out I had cancer, there were two things I could do — quit or keep pounding,” Mills said.  “I’m a fighter.  I kept pounding.  You’re fighters, too.  Keep pounding.”

Kudos to the Panthers for adding that phrase to the jerseys.