Royce Reed & Dezmon Briscoe Getting Married, Day After Cheating Allegations Surfaced


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It has been an interesting week so far for Basketball Wives star Royce Reed.  It started off with her getting freaky with her boyfriend and that caused the Internet to go nuts (Video: Royce Reed & Bucs WR Dezmon Briscoe Get Frisky on Basketball Wives).

I didn’t think the video was that bad, but Briscoe’s baby mama didn’t take to kindly to it and accused Dezmon of sexting her (Christina Nero, Bucs Dezmon Briscoe’s Baby Mama, Goes After Royce Reed View the Texts).

Kenya Bell decided to speak out on the incident and basically tells everyone to be quiet because Royce and Dezmon are in love and getting married.

Maybe that was suppose to be for a later episode of Basketball Wives or Kenya just said it to take some of the heat off Royce.

Whatever the case maybe, the prudent thing for all parties Royce, Dezmon, The Baby Mama, Kenya and etc is to keep all of this off Twitter and social media in general.

Unless they like the drama.

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