Tupac Hologram Peforms at Coachella Freaks The Entire World Out (Video)

If you are under 30, you might be a little freaked out by this Hologram, but not as much as those of us over 30. The reason why is simple, I would say for at least 10 years we wondered if Pac was really dead.

The reasonable part of your mind knew he was, but the fan part was hoping similar to the hologram he would just reappear one day.

So, it is creepy when you have finally come to grips with his death that this happens.

Once I got over being freaked it, I immediately wanted to know what was the technology behind this. It is one thing to make a Hologram it is another thing to make it come to life.

How long before we get the Tupac or Aaliyah Hologram concert tour?

While you mull that over, I am going to watch the video again.

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