BBall Player Nic Wise Texts Joakim Noah’s Girl, But Noah is One Who Texts Him Back (Photo)


Took me a second to remember who Nic Wise was, but then it came back to me.

He was a decent guard at Arizona, played all four years.  Didn’t get drafted, but was making a living playing ball overseas.

The backstory on this is a little unclear.  We don’t know why, what, when, where or how this communication came about or if Wise knew the woman he was communicating with had a relationship with Noah.  What we do know is Wise is insinuating he sent a text to the woman and this is what he got back.

Since, Wise cut off a portion of the text message we can’t see the whole conversation to know what is really going on.

Here are some alleged pics of Noah’s girlfriend (you can view gallery above).

Can’t confirm that this is the same “Amanda” being referred to in the text, but if it is maybe Wise can clear up exactly what is going on.

I am not mad at either of them though for hollaring.

But the question everyone is asking……………..


Nic Wise feeling the pressure has back down.


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