Greg Oden To Get The Secret Kobe Bryant German Knee Surgery

Not really a secret anymore, but what does Oden have to lose at this point.

It is probably his last hope.

In an effort to revive his NBA career, Greg Oden recently underwent the controversial knee procedure that superstars Kobe Bryant and New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez say took years of wear off their bodies, according to sources.

Oden, whose career with the Portland Trail Blazers was derailed by four knee surgeries, had the non-evasive procedure done in New York two weeks ago to accelerate the healing process on his left knee, which was operated on in February.

“Greg had long planned to have this procedure done,” one of the sources said. “He thought he’d wait until his knee was completely healed, but the doctor said Greg would get the greatest benefit by doing it now because it would help his recovery.”

Bryant underwent the procedure, known as Orthokine, in Germany last offseason to relieve pain in his right knee and left ankle and returned to have a historically productive year in this, his 16th NBA season. Under Bryant’s advice, Yankees superstar Rodriguez flew to Dusseldorf to have the procedure done in December. Gilbert Arenas also had the procedure done.

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  • A-rod and Kobe flew to Germany, Oden took the greyhound (or amtrak) to NY.

  • Very true! You should check out their new channel and subscribe to it!! Shiloh and Shelby are the stars of it!

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