Hockey Fans Haven’t Learned, Bombard Joel Ward with N-Word Tweets After Caps Loss

Make no mistake about it Joel Ward committed a dumb penalty.  The Capitals had a  golden opportunity to take control of the series, but Ward’s double minor with 22 seconds left allowed the Rangers to tie the game and then win it early in OT.

Ward deserves to be criticized, fans have a right to be upset, but what Ward doesn’t deserve is this.

Considering that happened before (Capitals Joel Ward Scores Game 7 Overtime Winner – Bruins Fans Unleash N-Word Barrage on Twitter) you would think that Hockey fans would have learned their lesson.

Unfortunately they have not.

I want to believe it is only a small % of fans that feel this way, but that small % is making it look bad for the majority. I am not mad as much as I am sad for the state of our society.

There is nothing wrong with Joel Ward being embraced for being an African-Canadian playing in the NHL, that is something that shouldn’t be ignored, but once he hits the ice he is just a player like everyone else.

If he scores a game winning goal or makes a crucial mistake, judge him on that.

Don’t judge him differently just because his color is the opposite of it.

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6 thoughts on “Hockey Fans Haven’t Learned, Bombard Joel Ward with N-Word Tweets After Caps Loss

  • Why do you continue giving these trolls the attention that they crave? They’re not real hockey fans, they’re just attention whores who won’t go away because sites like this continue to make an issue out of it.

  • This is exactly what I was talking about when I emailed you. This is a sad country we live in. What is even scarier, if someone wanted to, they could obviously find out all of the information of these Twitter posters. Which would lead to more problems. People need to grow up.

  • That people said stupid racist stuff is sad and wrong. I’m a Caps fan and I don’t want the stupidity of Ward’s play to be lost in the twiiter-hubbub. Regardless of race, religion, orientation, nationality, taking a 4-minute penalty with 20 seconds left in a playoff game is just stupid. Ward cost his team the game. Quoting him: “I cost us the game with a terrible play,” Ward said.

  • I met Ward in Nashville .What a nice guy. Nashville rues the day they let him go.

  • i don’t think highsticking is a stupid penalty….it’s a fast game….i call fighting, retaliation and boarding dumb penalties that can almost always be avoided.

    clearing the puck over the boards can be considered a stupid penalty too but considering how fast things are happening on the ice it is not.

    i just watched my flyers get eliminated (claude giroux the flyers best player was suspended due to suspect head hit). firstly i question the suspension and secondly its a quick game i wouldn’t crucify him for that penalty that lead him to a suspension. (especially when shea weber of the nashville predators smashed a detroit red wings players head into the boards and only got a $2500 fine)

    i conclude that people who make these racial tweets probably don’t play the game (and if they do, more than likely they are very bad at it).

    people have bumped into things..stubbed their toe…dropped things and even tripped and fell when they were all by themselves at least once in their life.

    imagine if these mishaps can happen when we are alone compare that to an athlete in competition who needs to be nearly perfect amongst his/her competitor.

    errors will happen but before we judge an error we need to differentiate what is really a dumb error.

    i might understand a racial tweet more if it was based on a player making a truly dumb error. i may not even want to defend the racial tweet.

    i see sports mishaps plenty….like bad goals going in on goalies…i just saw the flyers goalie bryzgalov in a crucial elimination game give a goal away….if i am routing for the team i would usually resort to calling the person an idiot momentarily..but i wouldn’t base that on his/her race. however i base my thoughts on what has happened. (however seeing how it happened it looked like he just lost his nerve for a split second)

    but for instance if the goalie was an italian and after he saved the puck the following occurs: he gets his teammates attention and fakes a pass to him and then decides to put the puck in his own net.
    in this case i would think this guy must be thinking about pizza or lasagna too much.

    thanks for reading this

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