Khloe Kardashian Pushing For Lamar Odom To Make Olympic Team to Save Marriage

Lam Lam is still in his mini depression and Khloe hopes that a spot on the Olympic team can get him out of his funk and refocused on basketball.

The interesting thing because of the rash of injuries and Odom’s flexibility as a player he stands a decent chance of making the team.

Could a good showing by Lamar kickstart his NBA career? Khloe seems to think so.

“Khloé is telling friends that Lamar must make the Olympic team — for the sake of his career and their future together,” a source close to the couple tells “He has been training non-stop to get in the best shape possible and will do anything to make the cut.

Khloé thinks the best way for Lamar to get a new deal with a NBA team is if pro coaches were to see how he performs at the Olympics. Lamar would love to sign a new deal with either the Lakers or Clippers, because Los Angeles is his home, but he loves the game so much that he will go where he is needed. Lamar isn’t ready to retire, period.”

I don’t think the Lakers want him back, we will have to see about the Clippers. I don’t think he has played his last game in the NBA, but he is definitely on his 9th life.