Lebron Responds to Lance Stephenson’s Choking Gesture in Typical Lebron Fashion

Lebron answers questions politically correct.

Nothing wrong with that, but there are times you wish he would show a little more fire. Here is what Lebron said in response to Stephenson calling him a choker and then what he should have said.

He is right, in the political sense, no need to make it into something bigger than it is, but…………..

At some point you can’t just let players keep taking your cornbread, here is what Lebron SHOULD HAVE SAID

“First, who is Lance Stephenson? How many minutes did he play? You can’t choke if you don’t play. What big shot has Lance Stephenson made? Why don’t Pacers put Lance in the game and let him check me and we will see what gestures he would make then,”

Just shut the noise the down, stop being so nice.