Pilar Sanders Says Deion Has Choked & Physically Abused Her For Years


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The problem with these type of stories is no one knows what is factual and what is being made up to sway public opinion.

If the two stories aren’t close then it is difficult to know who to believe.  No one is above being a liar, not Deion and not Pilar.  Especially, when in the court of public opinion whoever comes off best is more capable of generating income.

In cases of domestic violence one thing I look for is the police reports and independent accounts.  Because, in general you can get an idea of what happened from that.  Doesn’t mean one person is lying or telling the truth, but there is some record of what went down.

Both Deion and Pilar were cited for their incident on April 23rd and both got off with fines, so it is hard to find fault one way or another.  In this interview with Tanya Young Williams Pilar states that Deion is a violent person and breaks down specific incidents.  Here is what she had to say.

Q:What information is in the media that you would like to address or correct?

A: That he (Deion) attacked me on the 23rd. I never attacked him. He choked me. It wasn’t the first time. He is a violent person. Anything that you see him say, my goodness, count it as a lie. I’m flabbergasted every time I see him do another media piece. Its sickening.”

Q: You’ve stated that Deion has abused you in the past. In what ways?

A: Many ways. Financially it started before Christmas and continues until today. He just stopped providing for the family. He cut credit cards. He cut financial support … No resources at all, whatsoever. Even when we’re still in the house, my daughter would beg for clothes, he wouldn’t buy her any clothes. It would come to a point where she would say, dad will you get me a sandwich from Subway and he would be like, no – that’s a five dollar sandwich. He would tell her go ask your mommy. What he would try to do was use every piece of leverage he could ever get a hold of and try to use against me and try to turn the children against me. So what he was telling the kids was that basically, if you stay with me I can provide for you, your mother doesn’t have money, you’re not going to be able to get clothes, you wont be able to get food, who knows what type of place you will be at, but here, you will have everything you need and want.

Q: Has there been physical abuse from him in the past?

A: Yes, there has on more than one occasion. And he’s done it in front of people. He did it in front of two of our producers on our show, Primetime Love … It’s so idiotic and its funny and its not funny. During the shooting of it, I have a very light personality, with that, there were a lot of parts that were just naturally funny and it just kinda happened. So he called shooting down and he called a meeting with myself and two producers from Los Angeles and we went to our back room where the sitting area is – he said “there has to be a good cop and a bad cop and there is only one comedian here and the comedian is me.” I just started laughing and said, “Oh my God you are ridiculous” and I say, “I can’t help it if I’m funnier than you”. Then he leaped across the table and grabbed my neck and squeezed it to the point that I thought that he poked a hole in my trachea. The two producers didn’t know what to do. They couldn’t get him off of me. They couldn’t do anything so I started kicking him in his groin. That’s the only thing that got him off of me … There were other times when he grabbed me and ripped jewelry … When he was verbally abusive, I didn’t recognize it as abuse. I took his nasty behavior as his personality, I just thought he was a really mean jerk. He was just rude to people because he’s rude to a lot more people than me.

Deion has publicly stated he has never put his hands on Pilar.

I would love if one of the two producers who allegedly witnessed Deion choking her would come forward, because the only way we can verify anyone’s information is independent witnesses.

I find it hard to believe any father would treat their daughter like that, but once again we just don’t know.

Deion has denied everything.

In certain cases the truth is black and white, either you choked her or you didn’t.  Either you told your kid you wouldn’t get her ballet shoes or not.

Sad thing is this is playing out in the public, but the truth needs to known because one of these individuals either Pilar or Deion is lying not to just the public, but to the police, media, family, friends and their children.

Whoever that is needs to be exposed.

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