Ramon Sessions Explains How Overwhelming it Can Be Being a Laker

Just think of how many Lakers over the years are household names and as soon as the leave the Lakers no one ever hears from the again.

I equate it to Destiny Child’s.

Just using the Kobe and Shaq years. You have Beyonce and Kelly and everyone else. When you are in the group it is great, when they kick you out of the group hard times are coming.

Ramon Sessions aka Lil Duval was asked to be in the group and he found out quickly it isn’t like playing in Cleveland.

“I was staying in a hotel right by the practice facility at first and I would see some fans waiting out back when I left,” Sessions said. “One time, I parked in the front of the hotel and started walking down the hallway. The next thing I know, there are five fans running after me in the hallway. It was crazy. They came out of nowhere and they were coming at me. I was just thinking, ‘What is going on?’”

“Nobody knows what its like,” Sessions said with a laugh. “People may think they know, but they don’t have any idea how much different it is to be a Laker. No disrespect to the other places that I’ve been, but it’s totally different out here. Even just walking around, it’s crazy. It’s the Lakers. You’re on T.V. every night and everyone knows who you are. I had paparazzi follow me. That’s a first, for sure. It’s wild out here. The Lakers are the show that everyone watches around here.”

Sessions did seem a little overwhelmed by the moment especially in the playoffs. It can be a tough transition and he hopes that he gets an opportunity next year to prove his worth.

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