Terry Francona Says “Towel” Pic to Rob’s Girlfriend Was Done in Jest

You remember our friend Rob (not me).

Yesterday, Rob learned a hard lesson about snooping through his girlfriend’s email (Boyfriend Rob Finds 27 Year Old Girlfriend Sexting MLB Manger Terry Francona).

While Rob went into hiding Francona decided to address the situation.

Yeah, you know what? I took a picture, obviously, a long time ago that was pretty in jest, which I think is pretty obvious. It wasn’t portrayed that way. But because of that, you know, I’m going to probably embarrass my family and, you know, all the people I work for, the way it was portrayed. You know, I’m apologetic for that. It was supposed to be in jest; it just didn’t come out that way. So, I am sorry, though, because I probably did embarrass some people, and I’m not proud of that.

Terry left out one small detail, was the picture Rob’s girlfriend sent to him done in “jest”?

Maybe he meant done in “CHEST”?

Call me crazy, but I don’t think Rob is laughing.