Titus Young Sucker Punched Teammate Louis Delmas, Lions Ban Him From OTAs


Steve Smith doesn’t see what the big deal is.

In all seriousness the “Sucker Punch” is one of the weakest acts on Earth.  If you want to fight, square up man to man and go at it.  Best man wins and all is forgiven.

I would never trust a player who sucker punches a teammate because there is always a bigger issue bubbling under the surface.

Titus Young, Detroit’s 2nd-year wide receiver, reportedly punched safety Louis Delmas in the face last week while Delmas was not looking, after the two had a confrontation during a voluntary workout at the team facility last week, according to MLive.com.

As a result, Young is not being allowed to participate in the OTA’s this week, while Delmas is participating. Head coach Jim Schwartz refused to comment on the matter.

Young is a good young player, but not good enough to cause these type of problems.

Be a man and handle your arguments like a man, not a punk.


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