Anonoymous Source Says LaDainian Tomlinson Was Selfish Player & Leader

This all started when LT said he rather be in the Hall of Fame than win a Super Bowl.

That caused a lot of people to raise an eyebrow and wonder if LT was more about team or himself. has a source who believes it was the latter.

“That’s why the Chargers could never win the big one,” the source said. “L.T. was selfish and a selfish leader. They had all the talent in the world and should have beaten the Patriots [in 2006], but they couldn’t do it because they had too many guys like L.T. and he was the ringleader.”

“LaDanian was a great player, but he was never a champion and he never behaved like one,” the source said.

I hate anonymous sources, but this isn’t the first time I have heard similar quotes about Tomlinson. To me it has no relevance on his career as he was an outstanding player for a long period of time, but just lets you know what some people around the league thought of him.

One thought on “Anonoymous Source Says LaDainian Tomlinson Was Selfish Player & Leader

  • You have to be very selfish to succeed in pro sports.

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