Boxer Antonio Margarito Retires

Margarito will forever have a Scarlett Letter for wearing loaded gloves.

He biggest win against Miguel Cotto will always have an asterisk and he got a undeserved shot against Manny Pacquiao because Bob Arum is a crook.

Because of that he is probably sitting on a few millions, for being a cheater.

Arum confirmed that former welterweight champion Antonio Margarito has retired. “He told me last week that his body is too beat up,” Arum said. “He was a fighter that never quit. He gave everything. He’s not the most talented guy in the world, but certainly the toughest.”

Arum defended his decision to stand behind Margarito after Margarito was busted for attempting to use illegal hand wraps before a 2009 fight with Shane Mosley.

“In the Mosley fight, if anyone is to blame it’s [Javier] Capatillo,” said Arum. “He had no opportunity to test out the wraps. That’s what I believe. I was never going to throw him under the bus. We spent millions on this man.”