Chad OchoCinco Takes ESPN’s Mike and Mike to Task For Overreaction to Goodell Tweet


The Tweet above is what started all the controversy.

Before we go any further there are two things you need to know.  Chad has an excellent relationship with Roger Goodell  and secondly you can’t take every single thing he says so seriously.  It is amazing me to me how people can’t see the humor in these things.

Of course, ESPN jump on the story and Mike and Mike made far to big of a deal out it.  When they tried to bait Ocho on their show this exchange happened.

Check and Mate

H/T SI Hot Clicks


  1. Well…ALL media make a big dal about everything anyway so he could have gotten himself some air time by calling into mike & mike and chatting about the stupid tweet but he had to take the low road and use profanity trying to insult them. Dumb move on his part, one day he might be trying to get a job at espn…you never know.

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