Emails Suggest Joe Paterno Helped Cover Up Jerry Sandusky’s Child Molestation (Photos)

Joe Paterno can’t defend himself because he is deceased, but this could damage his legacy beyond repair.

Yahoo breaks it down in extraordinary detail, but the gist of it is that when Penn State wanted to turn in Sandusky it was Paterno who suggested they hold off on doing that.

It contradicts statements from Paterno that after he was made aware of the situation that he simply passed it on to his higher ups and didn’t have anything else to do with, but the emails says otherwise.

If it is true that Paterno knew what was going on and stopped or even suggested the University bury the fact that Sandusky was raping kids in showers, he is responsible for years of continued abuse by Sandusky on children.

This monster could have been stopped in 1999, but only now in 2012 is he behind bars.  While Paterno and others aren’t the monsters that Sandusky is, the fact they it appears they just wanted it to ignore it make them horrible individuals in their own right.


32 thoughts on “Emails Suggest Joe Paterno Helped Cover Up Jerry Sandusky’s Child Molestation (Photos)

  • I don’t see a single remark regarding Sandusky or what was happening in the showeres or what they should do about. This is about disciplining football players.

    • Like others, I read the emails and letters at the top of this page and none of them have anything to do with Jerry Sandusky. They seem to be about Paterno trying to get the dean of academic affairs to stop disciplining the football players for immoral and illegal behavior through the use of verbally abusive tactics. Granted if that happened, it is wrong, but your headline is misleading at best and a complete lie at worst. The emails/letters have nothing to do with what your headline or article say. This is such poor journalism, this site needs to be taken down.

  • These letters or memos/ e-mails have nothing to do with your headline. You must be desperate to sell a story, and obviously, not educated at Penn State.

  • I hope they shut down that entire kid touching university

  • Yours and Dan Wetzel’s stories are both incredibly stagnated against Joe Paterno with a lot of blanks being filled in with speculation against a man who cannot defend himself. I don’t know exactly what happened but then neither do you.

    • Autocorrect corrected my word. It was “slanted” not “stagnated”.

      • ….but “stagnated” does work in your sentence and gives the same meaning as “slanted,” but with emphasis….

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